Saturday, February 13, 2010

It still snowed.

That was Megan's proclamation this morning.... "It still snowed!" Yes darling, there is still snow outside. So of course we bundled up and headed back outside today for some fun in the white stuff!!!!!
Megan did her part to ensure some fun in the snow. She quickly learned that the faster you pick up your sled and walked back to the top of the hill, the faster you get to have a fun trip down. And boy was it fun!
We did most of our sledding nextdoor and across the street.... thanks to our wonderful neighbors!
Megan took a little break from all the sledding to chase after Bailey - our adopted dog who just happens to live next door.
But it was just a short break - then back to the slopes!

Nicole stayed out a little longer today. She was nice and bundled up - our little snowbaby!
On days like today I am reminded why I love our neighborhood. We had a great time outside playing with all the neighbors.

Natalie was conviently "snowed-in" with us so she got to parktake of all the snow fun! It was such a burden for her... can't you tell. :^)

And finally it was time to come in and defrost and have some hot chocolate. YUM!

And don't you know that this little southern belle has roots in land of snow - why else would she have multiple snowsuits? Who knew they'd come in handy down here? I originally figured we'd only need them for Christmas trips to MN - but this year, they've been sooo handy! And if she could, Megan would wear her light up snowboots every day.

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