Friday, February 26, 2010

Kiss Me Creme

We had to go celebrate the end of Megan's gym class (see yesterday's post) so Megan and her friend Mary Grace wanted to go to Crispy Creme. Megan calls it "Kiss me Keme". It's a fun place to go with 2 spunky girls because we are usually the only people in the store. And it helps that the people who work there think the girls are cute because with all that sugar it gets a little loud. :^) Peek-a-boo!

Mary Grace demonstrating her approach to eating a doughnut.
Needless to say - the girls had a lot of fun.
Sweet hugs of friendship!

Feeling a craving for Kiss Me Creme? Megan saved some for you..... she said she'll share!

1 comment:

Kevin Wade said...

Actually it's "Krispy Kreme." And as Tim Hawkins puts it, "it's like eating a baby angel."