Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gym Class

This week Megan finished up her little gym class. She's had fun taking this little tumbling class with her friend Mary Grace. I have to say, it's just funny to watch them together and sometimes they just seem way to old to be 3 and almost 3. Megan used to love hanging on the bars - she was a little monkey. But recently she's been a little aprehensive to do some of the gym activities. So we are taking a break from it for awhile.
Her new favorite thing - climbing the ladder to the foam pit. Which ironically is the thing she used to hate doing. She'd get "lost" in the foam and was so scared that she stopped wanting to get in there - but now.... she loves it!
After the "little" gym - they head over to the "big" gym. And of course, head to the trampoline (after a romp in the huge foam pit).

Little Nicole just wonders - "when's it my turn?" Don't rush it baby, You just keep playing with your little bee.
And I have to say, this is not a true picture of Nicole in her car seat.... she hates it! So this calm lasts a very short while (if she's awake). However, I'm dreading the day she officially outgrows it, because it is so convenient when she's sleeping and we have someplace to be with Megan (her nap times naturally fall when it's time to take Megan to and from school and she has to be walked in). But I have a feeling she'll be lucky to last in the car seat for a few more months. We'll see what her stats are in a week when she hits 4 months.

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Whitlamy said...

She looks like she might just outgrow it soon. Bryce was out of his at 4 months. Dawson stayed in it until 10 months. Kids...they sure are different, aren't they?