Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 Momma's

This week, Megan asked to take something very very special to Show And Tell at school....

I was very hesitant to let her take him, until she came out of her room telling me that they were both ready to go. How can you say no to that? Not only did she want to take Snowball, but he needed to ride in his carrier. I thought that was cute - until we got in the car and she redefined cute!
Megan: Momma I think snowball will like school.
Me: You do?
Megan: Yes, he wants to play with me.
Me: Make sure you put him up when Ms. Mandi tell you to.
Megan: Oh he will obey.
Me: Good.
Megan: You know momma we are both mammas. There are 2 mommas.
Me: There are?
Megan: Yeah, I'm a momma to snowball and you are a mamma to me and Nicole.
Me: Your right sweetie.
Megan: And daddy is a daddy to everybody.
Me: He is?
Megan: Yeah, he's my daddy and Nicole's daddy, and your daddy, and snowballs daddy.
Me: Daddy's got a lot of love for all of us doesn't he?
Megan: He loves us SOOOOOO much! (she's yelling this).

Ok - so cute! I love her!

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