Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I love a good GA snow.... usuallly wet enough to make a good snowball and/or snowman. Super fun to play in - and yet not so cold that you think your hands will fall off after 5 minutes out there. Megan loves a good snow too! We had a great time making a snowman. Megan's been wanting to make a snowman all winter - finally we got a chance!
Nicole wasn't so much into the snowman building - but she tried to make her first snow angel. A+ for effort. Needless to say, with her being under the weather, she made it out for a photo op and then headed back inside. We just had to get one use out of her cute snowbunting since we didn't get to use it in MN this year.Our neighbors were outside playing and they introduced Megan to the joys of sledding. Hunter gave Megan her first ride down the hill.
She quickly realized how fun it was and was ready for a trip on her own.
And we all joined in on the fun! Aunt Natalie was there to give extra special pushes down the hill.

I think I can speak for all of us and say that after our hour and a half or so outside we were ready to come in and warm up a bit. But we are soooo ready to get back out there tomorrow - before it all melts away..... this is GA afterall.

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Sandy P said...

We were out a long time, but it would work better with water proof gloves. Some how we have all the gear except for gloves!
Next year you will have to take Megan to Snow Mountain. I missed it, but Jeff went with the kids and said it was well worth the money!