Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Warm Winter Days

This week we had some great "winter" days - nice enough to be out to enjoy some outdoor play. Nicole is as much an outdoor girl as her big sister! Nicole had fun hanging out and trying out her exersaucer. It was her first time and her feet don't touch yet - but she didn't seem to mind and was enamoured by her big sister. She just watched her ride her trike all over.
And Megan is the doting big sister - had to stop on every drive-by to make sure Nicole was doing good.
And - oh my goodness.... don't you just want to kiss that little baby all over!

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Uncle Dan said...

I guess Nicole has found the "smile" mechanism. Way cute! It's great the way she and Megan find each other so entertaining. I can't wait to be entertained by them in just over three months!