Saturday, January 31, 2009

From me to you....

Hey girlfriend - it's time we had a chat...

There are a few things about moms that I want to pass onto you Lynley. Little secrets - from me to you.....

First, if you just smile... it'll get you everywhere you want to go. They go crazy for smiles!

Now, when you are having tummy time.... I know you don't like it, BUT - just pretend to move your hands and they'll think you are learning to crawl. They go crazy over us when we start moving around.
And, proper head posture is very important to them during tummy time. So just keep looking up and smiling! I'm telling you - they eat this stuff up!

One day when you are a little bigger we'll have tea parties and such. Until then, just keep chewing on stuff - before you know it, you'll have teeth.

Now, I'm going to let you borrow my exesaucer. It's actually not mine - it's borrowed, so take good care of it. When you get in here - just take it slow, all these fun little gadgets can be a little overwhelming. I'm a little too big for it now - but it's fun to try it out anyway. Here's me when I was your age... notice how I take my time taking it all in. The ice cream come was my favorite thing to chew on.
And, be sure to enjoy the jumperoo as well. I always liked it - here I am when I was just 4 months old too. Can you believe I was once little like you, Lynley? See - you'll grow up to be a big girl like me too!

And I had to show you a picture of me enjoying my favorite toy. I hope you like playing with it too.

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amy said...

This was too, too cute (and precious)!

We need to get Miss Megan to share some of her worldly wisdom with Miss Melissa at some point. Her father has been trying to give her some of his, but so far it's been stuff like: "Don't love the UGA football team. Only love the UCLA football team." and "The Atlanta Braves are horrible. The St. Louis Cardinals are who you love."

This is terrible advice for a girl! He's not even helping her figure out proper head posture or how powerful a smile can be.

For the record, you have never ever been on my On Notice list either. You (and Carol, and at least 2 other ESOL teachers) have consistently remained in my Top 10 Favorite People list. When we get together for dinner, I'll let you know which people have not been able to stay on that list (but I bet you can already figure it out).