Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best Buddies

I have to say - Will is such a good buddy to Megan!!!! He just loves on her - even when she bites him, and chases him, and steals trains from him at the Barnes and Noble train table, and knocks him down with her powerful hugs. He lets her try to feed him, and stick straws in his mouth (because her innate mothering sense tells her that he's thirsty - even though he doesn't know it yet). Will you rock!
They do have quite a good time together (when Megan's not biting him... of course that is followed by many "I sorry" pleas and kisses (perhaps it's a ploy on her part....).
They LOVE playing chase! And holding hands..... especially over their favorite lunch at Chik-fil-a.

They even like to share more intimate moments..... Like trying out potty chairs at Babies R Us. We'll have to draw the line once they are really getting down to business. But for now, they'll hold hands and support each other as they know one day, the diapers are done.
And who knows - maybe one days these two will truly ride off into the sunset together! (no pushing, just dreaming!)

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amy said...

Those two cuties! These pictures made me smile out loud, Valerie. Particularly the Chick-fil-a and potty photos. I have a feeling you're right: Will & Megan will be BFFs 4Eva. It's true love when someone bites you and you don't even get mad about it. :-D