Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Unproductive Fun

Ok - so I actually sat down at my computer to do something productive... and somehow ended up wasting a precious hour of a nap time doing something totally unproductive - but fun....

I was sent an email of a fun "project". It was fun and I got a good laugh - so I'm sharing it with you.

Go to your search engine of choice (I'm a google girl - sorry my microsoft hubby) and type in
"your name needs"

So I did it and this is what I got for my top 10 results...
Valerie needs.....
  • to weed out those who want to waste her time (not much to add to that)
  • attention by Jodi (thankfully I don't know a Jodi)
  • new snow tire fund (I would if I lived in Fargo or MN)
  • a vacation (amen to that one)
  • to join the Facebook Craze (already done that one -be sure to add me as a friend)
  • needs to be aware of decieving herself and allowing others to take advantage of her (hhhuuummmm - who is this other Valerie)
  • you
  • to go
  • more training and practice
  • 30 minutes to do the same job

I left off the ramp to my house, the flexibility, and prayer that is going to be effective, just to name a few. Now I have to admit that I did leave a few inappropriate "needs" out. Evidently there are a lot of Valerie's out there with some questionable jobs.

OK - so type yourself in and see what you need... be sure to leave me a post with your favorite so I can share a laugh with you.


Sandy P said...

I found someone who had already done it for me.
It looks like there are a lot of pets out there named Sandy!

Alexis said...

I did this a while back and it was quite funny the things Alexis needed....

Dawn said...

Apparently, I need a tripod, a headcount before Thursday this weeks so sign up quick!, an energetic and fun lifestyle to fit my personality (or just some energy and fun...), to get over myself, to be single for awhile and take care of my daughter instead of chasing the next man (DEFINATELY a different Dawn on that one!!!), I apparently coded today and need prayers desperately (I am feeling a big sluggish...), I need help, yet apparently need no rescue. But then again I need help in a heartbreaking struggle. Lastly, I need a break. Now THAT one is ME!!!

This was a fun diversion! Now, back to the ever so exciting world of insurance...

amy said...

Too funny! My favorites were:

*amy needs some help drinking apparently. (after the week I've had, oh yes.)

*amy needs help

*amy needs her prince

*amy needs a wash

(ok, that last one was actually for amy winehouse, and what she needs.) (by the way, amy winehouse gives me the heebie jeebies.they need to get those A&E Intervention people over to England, ASAP.)