Monday, January 26, 2009

The Cup

One of my most favorite commercials is for Bounty Paper towels (at least I think that's who it is - it's paper towels for sure). It's the commercial where the little boy is carrying a full cup across the room and spills it all over the place. I love it because the mom is just sitting back and smiling, knowing she's got to clean that mess up..... but all that is overshadowed by the joy of watching her baby take one more step towards independence.

Wow do I know that feeling. An old friend of mine was visiting on her way through town and she was here for bathtime. During this particular bath I had given Megan a "new bath toy" which were bath gel crayons. They squeeze and you can write on yourself and it's really soap. Well, Megan thought they were soooo cool. She had the blue one and was trying to write on her knee.... and it wouldn't come out. So she turned it over to look at it and squeezed it as hard as she could.... yeah - you laughing as you picture this and see what's coming...... Only, she slightly turned it and blue bath gel went flying - all over mommy! :^) Woohoo..... I've never seen her laugh like that. To the point that all I could do was laugh as I scraped blue bath gel out of my hair and off my clothes (at least it's just soap). My friend was amazed that we laughed it off - all I could think was- you know, she's learning.

And Megan is in that "I do" stage..... We are working on learning to drink straight from a cup.
Everynight after we brush teeth, she gets to drink a little from her cup. She's actually doing pretty well with it - not enough that I'd just give her a cup at this point. But boy is she proud of her accomplishments. That smile of joy and pride just makes a mommy's heart light up!


Alexis said...

She is so cute!!!

hmferrero said...

jacob's been using a cup since july when he moved up to his current class room. i didn't know for about a month. i just assumed they still used sippy cups. but once i found out, i switched him at home too when he's sitting at the table. he's only had a couple of big spills. i still give him a sippy cup for walking around or going out though. you just have to find the right size cup. we really like the ones they have in the kids section at ikea. they are just the right size and super cheap!