Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The last leg of the White Christmas

"Christmas" officially ended with our final leg of our MN trip - a stay with Tony and Dawn. Megan loved it - after all one of her best friends was there...Poor Bear (and BeBe and Buddy), he was loved on so much that I'm shocked he has any fur left. When Megan wasn't loving on him, wagging his tail for him, helping him find his food, making sure he remembered where his nose was, she was reading him stories.

And when she finished all that, she'd play in the special kitchen they have for her...And make sure we were well taken care of.And we we were all full of food and drinks - she'd make sure the reindeer were taken care of...Once he had his fill, it was time for a good old reindeer ride!And even a girl needs some quiet time... to get the dancing flowers to perform.
And perhaps work on a few puzzles...
And what's time in MN without some lovin from Dawn????!!!!!
And some kick-back time with Tony????!!!!

It's hard to believe our time up in MN is over and we are back in the real world. We love and miss all of you!

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Dawn said...

We love and miss you all, too! We're hoping to see you again soon...

Our "heat wave" (26-above) is over. Back to the single digits above zero (-9 wind chill), and they're threatening the coldest temps of the season coming up. Oh yeah, and it's snowing...again. You escaped just in time!

Big loves to you all!