Thursday, January 8, 2009

22 months

It hit me like a ton of bricks earlier... my baby is only 2 months from being 2 years old. How can that be? 2 years ago we were painting the nursery, getting stuff ready, dreaming what she would be like. And now I know.... A ball of energy! A wild, crazy, curly headed delight who keeps me on my toes.

I guess you can say we celebrated with a ride on the carousel today. Megan knows where we are the second we enter the mall and starts asking for the "merry" or the "K-O-sell". How can you say no to cuteness like that? Her favorite animal is the elephant - but today she asked to ride the tiger... I mean she actually said, "wide tiger." (wide= ride) Then as she sat there on top of the tiger, with her grinning ear to ear, she started naming all the animals. But the absolute cutest part of the whole experience was that she spent almost the entire ride waving.... to everyone.... and the sweet grandfather (his grandkid was about 3 animals behind us) just waved and laughed every time we went around. When it stopped it took some serious doing to not have a meltdown - but I convinced Megan to finally let go of the post by telling her we had to pet the elephant - and that he was waiting for her. And of course, she couldn't let good ole' elephant down so she let go, went to pet the elephant and say goodbye to virtually every animal on the ride. The sweet lady who was at the gate was having a hearty chuckle at this whole scene. I think Megan was still waving and saying goodbye as I loaded her into the car.
22 months - a lot has happened... and every memory is oh so sweet!

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