Monday, January 19, 2009

We are here for all your pet care needs...

For Christmas, Megan got a cool Vet clinic set from Uncle Kevin, Aunt Kelly, Daniel, Justin and Anna. Let's just say ---- we love it!

Megan is making sure that not on the animals are cared for -but all our medical needs are being addressed too.
She knows just what to do with everything in the kit!
First - you take their temperature (under the arm)... Then you shoot the syringe of medicine in their mouth...
It's so sweet... at least it is until she comes at you with her stethascope and wants to pull your clothes off to listen to.... your belly button, your knee, your head, your rear end... whatever might seem to need some extra special attention.

1 comment:

amy said...

oh my, valerie. this made me LAUGH! because i can't wait until somebody wants to use a stethascope to listen to my rear end. or whichever part of me needs special attention that day.

and of course you take animal temperatures through their arm pits, and give them their medicine through syringes in the mouth. that megan! she makes me smile.