Saturday, January 3, 2009

The "W" Family Christmas

This is the 3rd post of the night so keep reading. I'm trying to get caught up with all our end of Dec. and beginning of Jan happenings.

This year our big extended family Christmas with my side of the family was actually the day after Christmas. Daniel, Anna, Justin and Megan were excited to see all the presents under the tree. Now keep in mind that this tree was the keeper of presents between 8 "separate" family units spanning 3 states- 10 folks from GA (4 kids and 6 adults), and 8 folks from AL (3 "kids" - sorry Hunter, couldn't figure out where to lump you in- and 5 adults), and 2 folks from TN. With all those folks, it is loaded down!
Here are the youngest of the youngsters....
Megan was a bit overwhelmed with the enormity of the gathering.
She'd open a present and then run off..... That was better than last year when she cried because she was surrounded by presents.
And she found some other ways to amuse herself...
She enjoyed checking out everyone else's gifts as well...
And she was more than happy to help them break them in... Justin was very patient with her as she tried to help him with his lego set.
After the dust settled, the rest of the gang had to head back to their homes and our little ones settled in for a little downtime.
I just love that Megan settled into Daniels lap to watch a little video and chill out a bit. She was sick and on steriods and just out of sorts a lot of the Christmas holidays, but she loves spending time with her cousins regardless. It just warms my heart!
We headed home shortly after this to finish packing to head to the frigid North Shore of MN... bbbbrrrrrrrrr. Left the next day and arrived home tonight. That's why we've been off the blog-line for so long. Tomorrow I'll try to get all our MN highlights posted. It was a fun trip and we didn't freeze solid in the arctic tundra up there. One day it even got into the double digits. All that and more..... tomorrow.

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