Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a day!

It truly has been a day. For some reason my normally mind mannered (somewhat) little girl has become... less mild mannered. Yesterday she had a complete meltdown on an indoor playscape (thank you McDonald's) and I ended up having to scale the thing to go get her as she screamed and cried at the top of the ladder - no, wouldn't come down the slide, and couldn't come down the ladder. Got her down and then she screamed because she wanted to go back up it. Needless to say, we left. After her nap she pretty much cried uncontrollably for several hours - no reason, just cried, and screamed, and pitched an ever lovin fit. Oh dear!!!!

But today's a new day - right???? Evidently not.
We made it until about 10:10 before her meltdown began.
It's been a day.

But miraculously enough, she was happy, peaceful, and content playing in her kitchen from 11:40-12:40... So much so that I actually got to watch part of the Presidential Inauguration.

Now I'll be the first to say - I'm not much on politics. I pretty much believe anyone who's in politics is an ego-maniac. That's got to be the only reason you'd put your family through all that. Not to mention, I have several friends who are or were in politics and if you talk to any of them, they'll flat out tell you it's true - and even the "nicest" seeming people, aren't what they seem to be. So... why would I watch the swearing in of our 44th president????

You know - I lived in Albania for 3 years.... I watched that country (and the surrounding counties) try out democracy. It usually ended in a civil war, major unrest, riots, etc... I was evacuated out of Albania in 1997 when the government collapsed. That's why I watched. 44 times, our government has handed the reigns over to a political adversary - but it's peaceful. Yeah, don't think I wasn't wondering what the other attendees were "thinking" as the camera's scanned the crowd. The motives and thoughts may not have been pure - but even with our disagreements on who should be president - it's peaceful. Today, wasn't the start of a civil war - and in sooooo many other countries, it would've been. That alone is amazing.

Even with that knowledge, I am somewhat appalled by all the hoopla- but then I put it into perspective. You know - today we witnessed a historical marker for our country. Our first President of color. It's really not even a matter of if you voted for him or not, or if you agree with his agenda or not.... it's like knowing where you were when the space shuttle blew up (home on a snow day), or when Mt. Saint Helen's erupted (I remember it was a weekend), or when the Gulf War started (I remember watching the coverage in my college dorm with friends), or when Atlanta was announced as the site for the Olympics (college again), or when the towers fell on 9/11 (I was at work). You know - it was a moment in time, but it was also a moment that will forever be recorded in our history books. It was worth a few minutes to watch it to be able to one day say to Megan - yes, darling - I saw it happen. What was once thought impossible - became a reality.

And then I can remind her that God told us the same thing... nothing is impossible with God. Funny how life mirrors faith.


Dawn said...

Sounds like sweet Miss Megan is missing Minnesota! Yep, I bet that's the reason she's "acting out". She's in withdrawl. Either that or she's almost 2... Or, perhaps she just wants to make you REALLY appreciate when she's her normal, super-sweet self. Of course, she is a "Blaisdell girl"...so drama comes naturally! Whatever the deal, I hope she's back to the happy camper we all know and love soon!

Love and miss you all!

hmferrero said...

hopefully that was just a fluke today. every time jacob goes up into one of those playland things i worry that i am going to end up crawling up there after him.

Sandy P said...

Reading where you were on all of those days tells me out lives has run parallel. I do not recall where I was for Mt. Saint Helen, but I can say I was doing the same thing for all the others! And, we can add this one too. However, my kids were at school so I was home cleaning.