Sunday, January 18, 2009

A new favorite

Randomly, we've found a new favorite game.
Someone gave us a tiny pack of Sesame Street cards. I think they were a party favor - thank you if it's you and you are reading this and tell me where you got them! They are cute (although somewhat chewed on at this point) - they have characters on one side and a little question (like what's green in this picture?) on the other side. I happened upon them last week and Megan of course got her hands on them - and that is the start of the story...

She loves them! She found a random "purse" (a many years old cosmetic bag that I was trashing) and decided that was the perfect holder - since she demolished the box they were in.

She puts them in, takes them out, puts them in, takes them out... walks around the house with her little purse doing this over and over and over again. It is wonderful! She loves her little cards. She looks at them, giggles at them, comes to tell me something wonderful (that I can't quite decipher) about them.... It's fabulous!
From the cards I realize... she pretty much knows who all the names of the Sesame Street characters are. I was floored when she handed me a card the other day and said, "snuffy" (Mr. Snufalupagus - remember him - and cut me some slack on the spelling if I butchered his name). You'll see some posts in the future with her and her precious Sesame Street bag.


hmferrero said...

very cute! jacob likes to do this with his I Spy cards too. the box is almost destroyed, and just yesterday i was wondering what i was going to put them in when it is done.

amy said...

mr. snufulapagus (i say: let's just make up the spelling to that character's name...who came up with that crazy name??) was my personal favorite. i'm so glad megan clearly has good taste.

also, when we visit charles' family in st. louis, his nephews (actually, they're his GREAT-nephews, but we're not allowed to call them that because he feels old, being a great uncle)--his nephews like this game: you get a pack of playing cards. you throw down the 1's, 2's, 3's, etc etc anywhere you want. until you get to the kings, queens, aces, and jacks. and then you jump on them and scream "I WIN!!"

nobody really understands the rule to this game, but they get really upset when you don't jump on the non-number cards the right way.

i miss childhoood.