Monday, January 5, 2009

Our White Chistmas

We had a very white Christmas after Christmas this year on the frigid Northshore of MN. Megan had a wonderful time seeing her Papa, Grandma, and Uncle Dan. Not to mention some time in the snow.Megan loves her Uncle Dan (and is still talking about you, Dan).
She's still blowing out tunes on her harmonica!
Grandma and Papa had her covered in the babydoll department. She loves giving her baby some milk (and then burping it), with lots of stroller rides to wear her out. Huuummmm, wonder how she thought of that (past memories perhaps).

Uncle Dan hit the jackpot with the Thomas train set her got for her. We got it set up tonight at home and she was loving it.

When Megan wasn't playing with all her toys, she was busy banging out a tune (literally) on Grandma's organ. Can't you just see her rocking out in this picture.

Our entire visit was very very cold.... I really don't know that it hit the double digits the whole time we were there. But one day it got to like 9 degrees (and the windchill was only like 5 below) so we suited Megan up and headed out to the wintery wonderland.

Daddy and Megan had fun on the sled...
Mommy was brave enough to trapse into a snowbank....
Megan loved the snow (despite the cold). She would climb onto the snowbank and play and play. Whenever we'd pull her down to get ready to go inside, she'd climb right back up there. She quickly realized that walking was hard because she sank in the snow, so crawling was her mode of transportation.

Papa even got out her Daddy's old sled.
One of the most fun things to do at night was to share coookies with Uncle Dan!
YUM! Thanks Grandma for the cookies! And Thanks Uncle Dan for the lovin!
Before bed, Uncle Dan and Megan would get the Thomas book out and dream about what pieces they could get next to add to Megan's new train set.

Then Papa would read some books...
And Grandma would get her all snuggled in...
It was hard to say goodbye to the snowy Northshore and all the love we had there. We are missing you and sending you lots of love!

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Sandy P said...

Carson still loves to look through the Thomas yearbook. Macie doesn't get to play trains much because her brother thinks it is all for him.