Monday, February 2, 2009

Roll and Cut

This is our new obsession.... PLAY-DOH!!!!!!!

I think I spent an hour today helping to roll and cut and squish and flatten and make shapes and letters, and poke sticks into, and make animals out of.... wow - there's a lot to do with play-doh (and I didn't even mention my attempt to teach Megan to use the cookie cutters on it). But by far, her favorite thing to do with the playdoh is to roll it out into a log (she's gotton good at that) and then cut it with her baby knife. I think she just loves actually being able to use a knife finally. Roll and cut. Roll and cut. Roll and cut..... of course it really comes out sounding like - "woul in cud." Cute.

One day, I'm going to make my own and see how that works for us. Of course, someone may have to remind me that I said that a month from now when I still haven't done it yet.

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Sandy P said...

I hear it is really easy and the consistency is better than what you would purchase.