Thursday, February 26, 2009


Grandma Snazzy that is.... A neighbor that I randomly met at the pool last year, and the park and storytime this year, clued me in to a cool happening down the road. Evidently one of our local grocery stores has a "grandma" who volunteers to have storytime in their community meeting room. She does this 3 times a week - how cool is that!?!? That's Grandma Snazzy!
It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, when I called the store this morning they gave me the wrong meeting time. So I thought I was arriving 10 minutes early... but actually we only had 10 minutes of story time left. Bummer. But in that 10-15 minutes, we sang some songs, did some finger rhymes, read a book, and even did a little craft. It wasn't overcrowded, but evidently it is something others in the community obviously know about. The ages of the kids ranged from babies to 4 year olds. The majority were 2-3 year olds.

Here's Megan doing her duck craft (and from a teachers perspective - it was amazingly organized - I was highly impressed!)
Megan took back her empty bag of art supplies and wanted to show Grandma Snazzy her hard work.
It took some mommy help... but she was so cute working on it. The stickers were a bit challenging for her. She can't seem to get them off the sheet without getting them stuck to her hands. I think we'll have to work on that some more.

And..... to top it off, when they leave storytime, the grocery store hands out a treat and a juice box. So while Megan chattered about the duck and ate her chocolate teddy grahams (which by the way, I didn't realize she knew the word "chocolate" until she grabbed the bag and said "cocolet teddy" - stinkin cute!) I got some grocery shopping done.
I don't know if other stores do this - but it's worth stopping by the info desk and asking! It's a great community service and they definitely won me over as a shopper!

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Sandy P said...

I assume it is the Kroger by your house. I have heard about her!