Friday, February 20, 2009


It's a little outdated, but finally I'm getting this posted.
For Christmas my dear husband gave me a super cool sewing machine. It's still a bit over my head, but I'm slowly learning how to use it. I had a goal in mind... A Valentine's Day dress! So the week before Valentine's Day I got down to business. I found a pattern, figured out how to use it (have I mentioned that I am soooo a beginner), and got it all put together. I was so excited that I made my own pattern and made Megan a cute Valentine's skirt.

Here they both are...Megan was actually playing peek-a-boo in her closet (wearing the cute easy peasy skirt) with her Valentine's Dress randomly hanging on the door. It's not a great picture of Megan (she's yelling "boo" at that moment), but I realized it had both creations in it - so here it is.

I got a few patterns and once I figure them out, I want to move on to some pants and a couple other dresses. Very fun!


Alexis said... go girl!

Sandy P said...

I want to make some pants with ruffles on the the bottom. If you get that done, let me know.