Monday, February 23, 2009

Please warm back up!

Please.... please, please.... bring the warm spring weather back!So we can get back outside and enjoy times like this... And continue to learn to ride see saws.....

When we were at the park one evening last week, Megan was playing around with the chain ladder. I'm not to worried about it because I know she can't actually climb up it.

Or so I thought. Somehow she did figure it out. Oh dear!

(Now go back up 2 pictures -where she's playing at the bottom of the chain ladder... see the twirly climbing thing that is behind the slide - yeah, she's mastered that as well. Let's just say, the park is a little more stressful now that she's truly climbing on everything she can find.)

so sweet.... a daddy and his little girl - melts my heart!

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amy said...

these pictures are way too precious, val. i just read an article the other day that let me know that now that melissa is pretty much sitting up on her own i can take her to the park and gently swing her in the baby swings. and hold her in my lap as we go down a slide (hopefully my post-pregnant, large body will FIT on the slide...and not break it).

i don't know what i'll do when she starts climbing stuff. that one twirly thing looks particularly worrisome. who decided to invent that?? probably the same guy who came up with twisty roller coasters you have to ride backwards with your feet dangling.