Monday, February 9, 2009

Loads of Learning

We had a fun week of incorporating some fun learning activities. It's that teacher blood that lives in me. I may not be in a "classroom" anymore - but I will always be a teacher. At this stage of life, all play is truly learning. With Megan being so curious, loving creative activities, and seeking to explore everything... I make sure we have some directed activities each week and that we have some purposeful play times as we work on different skills.

This week we had a great time with watercolors. Megan loves trying to sing the ABC song so we started having some fun letter A activities.Playing with her shape sorter is one of her favorite things now. And we couldn't have a week without play-doh. We had been talking about colors and looking for colors in the house, so when it was time to roll and cut the play-doh, Megan started cutting it into little piece and sorting it into the proper container.
And, I am so happy to say that I finally finished painting that huge piece of wood downstairs. It's not an enormous chalkboard. Megan loves it! She's been working on making lines and circles and loves trying to imitate anything I draw. Making the chalkboard was a lot of work (long story) but it was worth it!

I'm going to try to start a weekly post of our fun "learning activities" each week (hopefully that will be my Sunday activitity) so that Megan and I both have a record of things that she was learning, and some of the fun games we play and activities we do at each stage of her development.

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