Monday, February 16, 2009


Oh, I'm so behind on getting updates out..... I promise I'll get to it as soon as I get some spare time. We have lots of baby showers happening right now, and a big #2 birthday to get ready for.... So life's been a little hectic.

But today we did make time to head back to the Dr's office.
On Friday (at 5pm I might add) Megan came up to me and said - "owey" and pointed to her right ear. Then she burst into tears and climbed into my lap. Great.... 5pm on Friday. We made it through the weekend fairly well. Sunday wasn't a great day - she did not feel well and made sure we knew it. So this morning we headed back for our seemingly monthly ear check- and yep, you guess it - it's infected. So we started antibiotics today. In reality, this time last year we were headed to the ENT with our 10th ear infection... this year we are only on our 2nd so I'm actually feeling really blessed in spite of the infection.

The good news was that I got a chance to chat about Megan's bizarre wheezing episodes, that start and stop on a dime, and we are also starting her on a new med for that (singular). Tonight she got her first "chewable tablet".... and about 45 seconds later she was tugging on my leg asking me for more. And the Doc was worried she wouldn't take it....

Megan was actually a very happy girl tonight and hopefully that will continue all week.

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Sandy P said...

Macie begs for medicine too. She has not met one she doesn't like. She often goes to the cabinet where we keep it and points and asks for medicine or vitamins. I am sure it is only a matter of time before she tries to climb to the top shelf and get it herself.