Friday, December 4, 2009

The Big Guy

Oh yeah.... It's that time of year! We headed off to the mall today for a variety of errands.... As we were getting ready I thought - you know it's December and Megan has a ton of Christmas shirts and we should wear one. And of course, Nicole had a few little Christmasy things so I thought--- I need to take advantage and match them up. Well, Megan was all about her shirt - which says, "I love Christmas!"

We got to the mall and she asked, "where is Santa?" Shocker.... last year we got a shot of her with Santa by sheer chance. She didn't know Santa was behind her - because she wanted NOTHING to do with him. This year - she was intrigued and wanted to go see him. Now we've never done much with Santa so in line I'm preping her (it's the teacher in me)

ME - "You get to tell Santa what you want for Christmas." Do you know what you want for Christmas (we've never talked about her getting to "choose" her own presents).
MEGAN - "I want a baby doll"
ME - "Santa may ask you if you've been a good girl. Have you been a good girl and obeyed Mommy and Daddy? Have you been kind?"
MEGAN - "I been good"
ME - "Will you smile when you see Santa? Do you want to sit on his lap? Can Nicole go with you?"
MEGAN - "yes. yes. yes. It my turn yet?"

We had fun and Megan later declared that it was the best part of the day..... it was even better than the carousel and the train that runs through the mall - who knew?

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Mitzi said...

I'm glad it went so well and that you have a cute picture to show for it. How did you do, walking around the mall???