Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have to say, celebrating holidays with kids is so much fun. We've been in art mode for weeks. Our house is covered with scraps of paper (Megan is working on her cutting skills), markers, stamps, crayons, paint - and everyone's favorite - glitter. Here's my little artist, hard at work!
This weekend was the long awaited Christmas performance at church. I say long awaited because choir practice starts back in October so by the time Dec. gets here I'm ready for Tom's practices to end.
This year baby Jesus is one of Nicole's newest friends - Ben. It'll be fun to watch these babies grow up together. Nicole and Ben are only 10 days apart. Megan and Doss (Ben's big brother) are only 3 days apart.

My whole family comes to the performance - here's Megan enjoying some hang time with her cousin Justin.
Then cousin Daniel decided to join in on the sleigh ride.

I just love this little girl.
During the performance, Megan was singing along with the choir. She's learned a lot of Christmas music from her "practice" with Daddy in the car. Today we were singing songs in the car and she asked me to sing the "Jingle Bunny Hop" song - I'm not quite sure what she wanted... it was either Jingle Bell Rock or Rocking around the Christmas tree... at any rate - I was butchering the words (we didn't have the practice CD with us) and Megan informed me that I should ride in the car with her and Daddy to church so that I can learn it. It was so sweet. And I think that in a few years she'll be right up there on stage with Daddy in the children's choir.And Nicole did great... she slept through the drummers drumming (the drum line from a local HS) and the 12 days of Christmas with the Chick-fil-a cow.... Which Megan informed me today that she couldn't wait to go to church to see the cow. Oh dear...

Afterwards, the choir had a party so we stopped by to chat with the stragglers on our way home. Megan was super excited that Mary Grace was still there. Her mom, Amy, sings in the choir with Tom. At some point they were "sharing" their treats...
Yum- thanks. Doesn't that make you want to grab a Christmas cookie?

But the highlight of the party (for Megan at least) was the -- ok, not quite sure what it was called -noise putty or something (maybe?) --- it's a flubbery type playdohish slimy container of gunk that when you push it down it makes a farty noise.... yeah - gas passing slimy stuff..... great. Since then every day Megan has said that she'd like some for Christmas.

I'm just thinking..... oh great.

But we did get a video of her hysterically laughing once she figured out how to do it. I'll try to get that posted.

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