Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate...

One of the highlights of Christmas are all the fun lights, decorations, and holiday parties. Our friend Joy always decorates her house and turns her yard into a winter wonderland. It's an annual outing for us to go over and jump into the Christmas decoration mayhem!
Megan loves all the inflatables. This year the see saw was one of her favorites. She would've climbed right on if she could have.
And of course, there were lots of hugs for her inflatable friends.

Although it was a bit chilly, even Nicole took part in the festivities. (I'm not sure what happened and why it's sideways).
Once we got inside to warm up, Megan loved all the singing and dancing characters. Here she is "shaking her groove thing" along with the dancing snowman.

Then tonight..... oh so much fun!!!!
We went out on a "tacky lights tour!" Seriously, you should check out the tour site and see what houses are in your area. We made it to 2 houses - both had huge light shows that were set to music. You could tune into the music on your radio and enjoy the "dancing lights" as Megan called them. It was pretty impressive - and actually not really tacky. I was extremely amazed/impressed at how coordinated it was, and how pretty. And it's free!!!!

And what a small world, while we were at the first house we ran into some friends. Megan was very happy to have Kenny there with her. They ran, jumped, danced... while we enjoyed the light show.

On the way home we stopped off at a little display at the front of our neighborhood.

Megan was most impressed with the "snow" that wasn't really snow.
What I realized..... When it's Christmas, people will pretty much decorate anything!

When we were heading home (the houses we went to are just a few miles away) Megan was very upset and I couldn't figure out why. She kept saying that we couldn't go home until we saw the nutcracker. I had no idea what nutcracker she was talking about. We drove around for awhile looking at lights just hoping we'd see a nutcracker to apease her. She was really really upset about not seeing him. Finally she asked to see "the news"....
This was the newspaper that had the article and pictures of the house (Mint Julep on the tacky lights site). I thought, maybe there is a nutcracker in the picture that we missed.... Then she started talking about it pointed it out to me.... it wasn't at the house of lights. Above the article about the Mint Julep decorated house, were pictures from a founders day parade in the area... and guess who's in those pictures..... a nutcracker and a rat - they were dressed up characters from The Nutcracker. Oh, now where do we go to see him????? I may not be able to help her out on this one, but at least the mystery is solved.

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Mitzi said...

We have a 3-4 foot nutcracker at our front door, if you get desperate. :)