Monday, December 28, 2009

Cookie Fest

Before Christmas we had a little get together with some little friend for a cookie decorating playdate. So we started with some of these.... Added a few little friends and fun was had by all....
Nate started eating the second he hit the chair.

Bryce, a friend from school, was very precise.

Will had definite decorating ideas.

And Megan - she was all about color, sprinkles, icing, and just overall wanted to decorate with as much stuff as she could fit on her cookie.

Nicole took it all in and started for form her own ideas for future cookie decorating opportunities.

The cookie decorating was just the cherry on top of some playtime. It also turned out to be a beautiful (non freezing) day so we ended up playing outside for a little bit. Megan is all about riding her tricycle. Unfortunately she's outgrown her little toddler helmet and we need to go get another one.
While Megan was burning off all that "energy" (AKA sugar high), Nicole was just chilling. I think she loved being held by all the mommies. :^)

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