Sunday, December 6, 2009


I have to say it warms my heart to see how much Megan LOVES her baby sister. She loves to lay next to her and hold her hand, snuggle up, etc... It always ends with lots of giggles, and an exclamation from Megan, "mommy, I looovvveee by baby sister soooooo much!" I love it! I find it especially cute whenever Nicole makes a noise of any sort, that Megan thinks Nicole is talking to her. It's so sweet and boy does Megan have an imagination to come up with some good responses when I ask her what she thinks Nicole was saying.On another note, I had a few photos from our trip to see Santa and I finally had time to post them.

Megan found the line waiting for Santa to be quite exciting (lots of kids to chat with - she is sooo a Blaisdell! Of course my mom would tell you I was the same way as a child). Nicole slept. (Auntie Dawn, we are loving our car seat cover)
The big ornaments were also very intriguing. This is just such a "megan shot" - she's so inquisitive about everything. Some days it tries my patience to the extreme, but as a teacher I also love that about her personality. Nicole found the whole experience to be delightful.
Megan loved it all.... except for the goofy elf ears they gave her. I barely got a shot before she yanked the hat off. Note the look of "whatever" on her face.

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