Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big Family Christmas

This past weekend we started our Christmas celebration with the BIG family Christmas. My aunt, uncle, cousins and their families all headed over for our traditional celebration. It's always wonderful to be together and it amazed me to look at this picture and see how much life has changed. Here are all the "kids".... The wierdest thing about this photo is realizing that I so vividly remember when Hunter (the oldest) was the only "kid"... I was in Albania when Carly and Claire (the twins) and Daniel were all born... And when Tom and I got married, Anna wasn't born yet. It's like seeing my life in a visual timeline of other folks children. And then this year, a new baby added to the mix. I remember when the parents of these kiddos were the ones at the "kids table."
I love my little family!!!!!!

Megan had a great time opening presents.
Nicole thought the festivites were exhausting....

And my littlest present of the year....

What a blessing it is to have little kids around to see the wonder and joy of the Christmas season. Now I'm off to wrap presents and get ready for our Birthday party for Jesus. Hard to believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

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