Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

With just a few minutes left of 2009 I had to log on just to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We've had a laid back last evening of 2009. Which was great after a "really full day" (as Megan would say). So here's what I learned today, the final lessons of 2009...

1. Megan LOVES the "Mothers room" at Babies R Us... good to know for future us. Who ever put the mirrors in there... good thinking.
2. It is possible to take 2 kids on the carousel... and you don't have to pay for a little one who's sleeping in a car seat carrier. Even if the doof at the gate says the baby needs a token. After all he was just in training....
3. Pizza and Brownies for Megan = time for me to eat crab legs. :^) YUM!
4. And the most uncomfortable lesson... if you have to ask, "Are you pee peeing on my leg right now?" it's just a bad situation.

It's official as I write this - Happy New Year!
Later I may reflect on what the new year means to me/us... but for now I'm just relishing in this sweet baby (which is actually the reason I'm still up - she's due to eat any time now) and the year of growth ahead of us, in my big girl and all that she'll experience this year, and my wonderful husband who I'm so thankful I have to share all this with.

May this be a year full of God's blessings and the making of many amazing memories for each of you!

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