Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

Last Thursday we had a special event at Megan's school - Breakfast with Santa.
Nothing like having doughnuts with the big guy... sugar up the kids and send them to their teachers. Oh yeah - I'm sure it was a "interesting" day with 2 year olds on a sugar high.

Megan ran to jump in Santa's lap. I was a bit surprised by that. All I know is.... he is a GREAT Santa. And he loved on my two girls - made me smile one of those huge mommy smiles that says, "life is good!"
Even Nicole stayed awake for the action. Megan made sure to put in her request to Santa (the baby doll again). She even spoke up for her little sister. Evidently Nicole wants a baby doll too... oh yeah, and maybe some paci's.

I was shocked at how fearless Megan was with Santa. Tonight we were out shopping (a little girls outing) and Megan informed me that Santa was going to come for Baby Jesus' birthday party so we needed to make a BIG cake.

One of the other highlights of the breakfast was hanging with her buddy from school. Megan absolutely adores her friend Bryce...

It was so cute to see them together - all smiles and giggles. And that was before the doughnuts! It's really adorable because Bryce is one of those little friends that Megan prays for all the time. So I loved getting to see them together to know why he sticks in her mind so much.

With the holidays upon us, I will try to get lots of pictures and posts up. This year we aren't able to travel to MN for our usual Christmas trip - so I'll get as many pictures up as I can so you can feel like we are there.


Sandy P said...

I LOVE the preschool Santa. I only wish I can have gotten Carson there this year. I will try to make him miss school for a couple hours next year!

Mitzi said...

Isn't he the greatest Santa. We were there early to set up on Wednesday and he was talking for a long time with Connor and another staff member's child. Connor has talked about it ever since. I think it will be a very special forever-memory for him.