Monday, December 28, 2009

The Joys of Christmas Morning

There is something soooo sweet about Christmas morning. We got a treat and Megan slept in till 8:30. WOW - I was expecting a normal 6:45ish wakeup call, but no.... and it was a great needed "nap" since I had been up with Nicole. When we went to get Megan she was soooo excited. She kept asking, "Is it Christmas? Is it goodmorning time? Is it Jesus' birthday? Did Santa come?" Oh so much fun. But of course she wanted baby sister up to experience it all with her.

Don't you love thier matching PJ's!!??! That was a sweet present from our neighbors. Megan loved matching Nicole. (Oh the joy of being a girls mom and the future of matching clothes... so fun!)

Megan had told Santa that she wanted a Baby Doll for Christmas - and so did Nicole. Here are the Blaisdell girls with their baby dolls.
Even Nicole seemed to like her baby. She surely didn't let the excitement of Christmas interupt her sleep.Megan picked out a teddy bear for Nicole. Megan said she needed her own "Doh da" which is Meganese for "Snowball," her beloved polar bear. Now Nicole won't need to borrow Megans. Megan did inform me that we needed to go get nicole her own blankie so that she doesn't need to use Megan's. There is a limit to sisterly sharing after all.Megan LOVES her baby sister! And we love our little girls!!!!

Megan also loved her sparkly red shoes.
And she had to try out her new "heels" in the dressup kit mommy made for her. (that's a tiara on her head)
And Uncle Dan, Megan loved her new trains. They were on the train track quickly. The milk car was a huge hit. It's been mooing at us ever since.
But, the biggest hit of Christmas.... Megan's new art easel. She's such a little artist, we decided to get Megan her own art space. We couldn't get it set up fast enough and we had to cut her off so that she could take a nap. She loved it! I don't know what was her favorite aspect - the dry erase board....
Or the painting?
It was so fun to watch her paint and see her creative side come out. For all our family in MN, I'm sure you'll be receiving some of her masterpieces before you know it.

We are pretty sure that Nicole enjoyed her first Christmas.... We did for sure!
Megan asked Nicole what her favorite part of Christmas was but she seemed a bit undecided.

It was a fabulous Christmas full of memories and those special moments that just make your heart burst open with joy. So fun! We wish we could be with our friends and family in MN right now. Normally we'd be up there at this point having Christmas with the family. On the bright side - we avoided travel delays and didn't fly into the blizzard they were having in MN. We will have to wait a little while to introduce you all to little Nicole- but hey, I'm on my new laptop and I have a webcam and I'm on Skype.... so lets video chat!

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