Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fun Times

Oh, you just have to love this little snuggle bug! She's so sweet I just can't stop kissing her. I especially love her "touchdown" pose.
With Fall in the air, we've been spending a lot of time outside. My "boot" isn't stopping me from doing too much - after all, I still have to keep up with Megan!
But the highlight of the week is that Grandma and Papa came to town to help us celebrate Thanksgiving and get a good helping of love from 2 sweet girls. Megan's been keeping them very busy.
And they've enjoyed meeting their new granddaughter and soaking in her snuggley hugs.

In just 2 weeks it's amazing how many changes we've seen in Nicole. The picture at the top was from last week, and this picture is from tonight. She's just changing right before our eyes. Definitely moments of joy that we are soaking in and savoring!

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Dawn said...

Oh, my Heavens! Miss Nicole is getting more adorable every day!!! Loved the pictures of Grandma's smile! She's definately loving every moment with those sweet little pumkins!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We love you!