Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is it really almost December?

It's so hard to believe that next week is the first Sunday in Advent. For months I've been thinking about what our family could do to teach Megan about Christ this Christmas season. Last year I really wanted to start the tradition of a Jesse Tree, but she was a little too young, and honestly I wasn't able to get my act together in time. But this year... I'm so excited. I know it'll be a "test year" of sorts as I try to figure out how to get organized and make this meaningful for for a toddler.

I think I've got my resources organized and a plan in my mind... now to implement. At least I have a week to actually get it all pulled together. I'm putting some links in here if anyone else wants to join in the madness! ADVENT - here we come!

Here are some ideas for Family Devotions to go with the Jesse tree ornaments.

Here are the scripture cards and ornaments that we are going to use. I'm just going to spice them up a bit and let Megan decorate with some small embellishments. This blogger has a great "plan" that I'm modifying to suit our lives and little girl.

Here are a TON of resources - printable ornaments to color, other devotionals, printable nativity scenes, etc.... a landmine of all things Christmas!

In case you can't tell.... I'm so excited about the Christmas season and all the things that entails. I think Megan will have so much fun experiencing this "season of waiting" with some of the fun traditions we are starting, and continuing. And I'm looking forward to getting our tree up and starting our Advent celebrations a week from today!

I'm sure I'll post lots of pictures (mostly for my own record and memory) of what we do, and hopefully I'll get another post with some pictures later today!

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