Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hhhuuuummmmm... is it time?

Well 2 weeks ago I was up till 4am having false labor pains.... tonight it's 4:15 and I'm trying to figure out how long I can stand it before calling someone to come stay with Megan so we can head to the hospital.

Evidently this baby might be more ready to come on out than anyone thought..... We'll keep you posted. :^)

So as I try to take my mind off labor - here are my thoughts to pass onto this little girl...

My little baby...
The past 39 weeks have been wonderful, challenging, growing, and amazing. I can't wait to meet you - but I'm also a little sad. It's hard to imagine that in a few hours I could be holding you and studying your every detail. It's wonderful, and yet fills me with sadness because I'll also miss your little feet poking out of my tummy. It seems almost "on schedule" because tonight your big sister sat on the couch and kissed you and talked to you and was just mesmerized with mommys big belly because you were inside. She's so excited to meet you. And so are we. Somedays I am fearful of the world you are coming into, but I also know that our God will watch over you and protect you. I love you so much, and I can't wait to experience the delights of God's creation through your eyes.

Ok, now with contractions and tears - hopefully before too long we'll introduce you to Megan's little sister.

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Whitlamy said...

Congrats on your QUICK entry!