Saturday, November 7, 2009

Welcome Baby Nicole Alyssa

Today was an exciting day for the Georgia Blaisdell's - We welcomed Nicole Alyssa to our family at 6:50 AM this morning. Mommy and Nicole are doing very well. Nicole has beautiful brown hair and the cutest little chubby cheeks you'll ever see! :0) Pictures to be posted shortly! :0)
We were a bit surprised by how fast the process moved. We arrived at the hospital just before 6 AM. Valerie was in her delivery room by about 6:15 AM. I filled out some paper work, parked the car, got back to the room at 6:35, and Nicole was born at 6:50 AM! Needless to say, it went so fast from the time that we arrived that Valerie had to go "all naturale" with the birth - no epidural for her. She was a CHAMP!!! She amazed me beyond belief! I am so proud of her! (Note - Nicole didn't make it any easier by being a bouncing 9 lb. 2 oz. - 22 inch long baby!) Thankfully, everything from that point went so well. Nicole's tests were good. Mommy was doing well and healthy. Big sister Megan arrived at 10:30 with Natalie and was so sweet with her new baby sister. She enjoyed holding her a few times with some help and just loved on her - at least when she wasn't chasing after the two balloons she and Natalie bought! Grandma, Grandad, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Kelly, and a few friends came by to welcome Nicole and celebrate with us. What an amazing day!!! God is so good! We are so grateful for his amazing blessing to us.


Michelle said...

Yeah! Congradulations! I'm so excited that she is finallly here!

Whitlamy said...

You're my hero! I can't wait to hear the details. Congratulations!

Mitzi said...


I jumped on facebook yesterday after reading your blog and could tell by the comments that everything went quickly, but who would have thought it could go that quickly for you!!! So proud and amazed by you!!! Can't wait to hear more. Enjoy your new 4 member family! Love ya

Mandy said...

Congrats neighbors! We were so excited when Miss Megan came over Saturday morning to tell us about her new baby sister. She was just precious.
Once again, your strength and sheer mastery of motherhood amazes me.
Love y'all! ~The Hudsons