Friday, November 6, 2009

Everybody is Nesting

I just had to post this cute picture of Megan helping out with some yardwork. As our due date draws closer, it seems that everyone is in the mood to help and nest a bit. It's really not as dark as it looks in the picture, but I must say that it is hard to have it get dark so early. I miss the nice cool evenings when we could eat dinner and then go to the park as a family. Now it's do what you can outside and then eat a later dinner. It still works, just not quite as convienent.

So, for our nesting update... we are a week away from our due date. Yesterday at my Dr's appt, they pretty much said this baby shows NO signs of wanting to meet us. My midwife (who was the one who delivered Megan) basically came in saying - lets see what we can do to start this ball a rolling... and left saying, next week we will see if we need to talk about inducing. Great. This laid back girly may just wait till her due date or beyond. Of course, you never know - with Megan I showed no signs of being ready but she was born the next day (3 weeks early). God's in control of the timing of this babe's birthday so now I'm just waiting, trying to be patient, enjoying every moment (as much as I can at this uncomfortable stage of the game), and enjoying time with Megan and Tom.

Honestly my biggest concern right now is.... is my foot broken? No joke. My feet are big swollen masses, but my right foot - the one that was fractured last year - is excruiatingly sore. It's bigger than the other foot, and it's hard to walk. But, it's hard to tell if it's something I need to have looked at, or is it simply a side effect from my big swollen pregnancy feet?!?!?! At this point, I figure once the baby is here - we'll deal with it. I'm hoping it's just a swollen thing and not a stress fracture again. Maybe in a week it'll be a pain of the past!

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hmferrero said...

Looking forward to hearing if the baby is here! Hope your feet clear up all on their own. Stress fractures stink. I've been wearing running shoes for 3 years straight because I'm so scared to get another one.