Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh Moe!

On any day you could ask Megan if she wants to go out to eat and her most likely response will be.... "let's go to Moe's! Welcome to Moe's!"

And she knows what she likes! I wonder if she likes Mexican food so much because when I was pregnant with her, that was the only food that didn't make me sick. (If that is the case, her baby sister will also be a Mexican food fan!)
Seriously, when did my baby grow up? Look at her eat her taco all by herself. I actually love going to Moe's with Megan because she loves going there so much. Ok, not so healthy, but definitely yummy!

1 comment:

Sandy P said...

It could be a whole lot worse than Moes. At least most of it isn't fried! Carson will always choose pizza!