Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Single Digits

Oh my.... I really never believed I'd get to this day - 9 days to go until our official due date. Megan was already 10 day old by this point in her pregnancy.

We are pretty much ready, which means this little girl will probably be late. Hopefully this laid back, take your time approach to her own delivery date will be a good clue to her laid back personality. That would be a nice offset to her high strung big sister. :^) She came 19 days early and was ready to take the world by storm. And now Megan is READY to meet her baby sister. Every day she reminds me that I must wash my hands a lot and be very gentle and only touch her feet. We are getting little Ms. Megan ready to be a big sister. On our way home from school she started singing songs that she wanted to teach to little siter. It was so sweet that I thought I was going to have to pull off the road to shed a few tears. I can't wait to see my two girls together. Just thinking about it makes me bleary eyed!

So - here's to nesting and waiting.... waiting and nesting..... and loving up on a 2 1/2 year old as she prepares for a little sister who will undoubtedly shock the daylights out of her little life.

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