Saturday, September 27, 2008

Whispers of love on your birthday...

It's my birthday... and this morning I woke up to sweet whispers of love from my husband.

They went something like this... "Honey, Happy Birthday.. I just woke up and I'm going to go try to find some gas for the car." It was 5:45am....

Ok, so is anyone else just screaming - where is the gas?
They lifted the fuel requirements so that we can use any gas, not just the special low emission gas... so where is it. This is the gas they said would be here by last Tuesday.... Not seeing it. If you aren't from around here, you probably don't know what I'm talking about. If you are - then you know. If you are like me you've wondered how desperate those people are to sit in hour (or more) long lines that are blocking all the main roads in order to fill up.

Last monday we went out at 11:30pm and filled up with no lines. Last night we got together with my family for my birthday and on the way there and on the way home we saw a total of 4 gas stations with gas... ok, we crossed through 3 counties - pass a multitude of stations - but only 4 with gas. AND, those 4 had lines that required police to keep traffic flowing around them... they were at least an hour or two long - and two lines were literally about a mile long (yeah, those were the ones near our house). At 9pm they were just as long, if not longer. At 11pm Tom went out to see if the lines were better... they weren't so he came home and we developed a morning game plan.

So back to my birthday morning....
Tom heads out at 5:45 AM.... at 6am I get a call that he can't find gas anywhere. The station near our house does still have gas, but the line is literally a mile long with 2 police cars directing traffic and keeping tempers at bay. So he drives... we had worked out a deal that if he found a place he'd call and I'd bring the van to the station since I was on empty (therefore didn't have the gas to drive around looking for a station or to sit in that line). Finally at 6:20 AM he calls... His side of the conversation goes something like this.... "the Shell station near us just got a tanker - it's in the station now... and I'm in line!".... IN LINE. What's up with that. People it's 6am on Saturday.... It's my birthday... why aren't you sleeping??????? I want to be sleeping!!!!!! But no... I'm heading to the stinking gas line.

Thankfully our friend Natalie is staying with us and has allowed us to go on these crazy hour gas runs. Of course, although I left the house at 6:20 AM, I had to call her at 7:10AM to say - Natalie, I'm not home - I'm in line at a gas station and Megan is probably awake.. if you hear her start getting irritated, will you get her up. Obviously at our house, if I can't sleep in on my birthday, nobody is sleeping in on my birthday!!!!!

So after waiting in line for almost an hour (which I said I'd never do... but you do lots you say you'd never do when your car is on empty), I once again ask the question....

Where is the gas???
And when is it coming to my gas station???

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