Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's a Grand day!

Megan I got to go visit Grandma and Granddad this week. Grandma has been under the weather and needed some good lovin from a grandbaby! Megan was so happy to lend herself to the task. Grandma gave her a piano lesson. That piano has been plunked on by 4 grandkids. It takes a lickin and keeps on tickin.

Megan got to love on Cinnamon a little bit.

Then Cinnamon got to give Megan some kisses.

Megan loves to give the dog's some treats! And she's proud of herself when she's brave enough to do it alone.

Daisy had to get in on the action. She's a litle more "frisky" and would jump on Megan so she had to stay in her part of the yard. But Megan gave her some yummy doggie treats through the fence and got lots of finger licks.
Then, Granddad pulled out the good ole Radio Flyer and Megan got a wagon ride. It was as fun as going to visit the geese at the pond. I didn't have my camera out for that one - I was concentrating on keeping Megan out of goose poop and the pond. But as we were leaving, the geese came out to say goodbye.

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Sandy P said...

We have that same wagon! And, our grandma has a dog named Cinnamon. Carson adores her!