Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh what a day!

We had a rough day earlier this week. Megan was as sweet as could be - which was a huge blessing since I've been playing the single parent for a few days. But she sure has run head first into becoming a daring no-fear little 1 1/2 year old. Note the large scratch on her left cheek (your left), the somewhat blackened right eye (with the large scratch too), the red and squished nose from her face plant, and the swollen bottom lip that finally stopped bleeding.

The wierd thing... she didn't shed a tear on any of these injuries. She's go down and pop up and just keep on playing and then a minute later she'd head my way (or I'd finally catch up with her) and I'd think - oh my gosh, what did you do? The only one that slightly irritated her was the black eye/scratch (it looked worse in person than on film).... but I think she was more irritated that I finally caught her as she ran away from me and down a hill, into a roll, and face first into a little fence and sticker bush. But I did get her in the car after that. :^)

And so I've been told, the fun is just beginning.

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Uncle Dan said...

Megan's daddy had his share of misadventures on his bicycle growing up, so it could be a genetic predisposition!

I'm glad the little munchkin is able to bounce back from all of the little tumbles.