Monday, September 15, 2008


This weekend we got to go join the family to cheer on Justin in a soccer game. While we were there, Megan got a few soccer tips from her cousins. Daniel, who scored his first goal at his game on Thursday, was coaching Megan on a few throw-in tips. Anna was also helping with technique.
Aunt Kelly even got in on the action and was throwing in her pointers on kicking the ball.
Megan also got in some practice as a cheerleader. GO TEAM!
It was quite a hot day out so we finished off the game with Megan's first juice box. Needless to say, she loved it! Soccer may well be in her future!


Sandy P said...

I bet the 2nd child will not make it to 18 months without a juice box! They sell holders that keep little ones from squeezing all the juice out. I finally got one this weekend.

Valerie said...

You know - we actually have one - a hand-me down from the cousins. Obviously now I need to break it out!