Friday, September 5, 2008

Nature in your own backyard

This week (yes, I'm ashamed another week has passed with little to no blogging), we have had so many encounters with nature - in our own backyard.

We have a huge hawk that is visiting....
The picture really doesn't do it justice - it is huge. It's been chasing a lot of our chipmunks and squirrels. And strangely enough, it's been chased by some little bitty birds too.

Then the next day we woke up to this outside our breakfast window...

It was also enormous. Every time it gets knocked down, the next day it reappears in a different place. I'm not a big spider fan, but I think that the webs that garden spiders spin are so cool and beautifully perfect. Enough to warrent a note in the blog!

Yeah - but don't think I go walking anywhere in the vicinity without madly waving a stick around in front of me as I walk. Megan finds that wildly amusing and it's very hard to get her to understand why she shouldn't be picking up the big sticks and waving them in the air too.... hhhuuummmm... got to work on that one.

Then today, I noted a big Black Widow spinning a web right outside our garage - in the broad daylight... what happened to them liking cool, dark places? Hate to say it, but that dude is a goner next trip out - I just couldn't smush him while trying to haul in groceries and a fussy baby.

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Dawn said...

Ok, sufficiently creeped out!!! The garden spider web was admittedly cool (don't want to meet the occupant), but the black widow crossed the line. Just for the record, the garden spider in our front flower bed is still there and doing well. "Goliath" outside the kitchen window is MIA (we didn't do it...). VERY COOL on the hawk!

Have a great weekend! We love and miss you!!!

Auntie Dawn