Friday, September 5, 2008

Little People

I have to admit - I love Little People. I think they are so fun. It's a good thing since I play with them a lot during the day. Megan has a lot of little people. The Little People Noah's Ark, the school bus, the house, the nativity set (which I'm so eager to get back out this year now that she'll play with it), and a building set. And I have to say, the past few weeks it's been soooo fun to watch Megan really "get it" and learn to play with them. It frustrates her to not be able to get them to sit in the bus the right way, or stay on the see-saw when she drops them on there, things like that. It is so fun to see that is learning how to play with them. She's always liked them and carried them around - but now she'll sit at her little house and play for an extended period (ok people in our house that means it keeps her attention for up to 15 minutes - that's HUGE for our little energizer bunny). The house (thanks Uncle Tony and Auntie dawn) and the bus (Thanks Daddy) are her favorites for sure.

And there are occasions when she finds a dual purpose for the Little People...


Dawn said...

I'm guessing this is the reason they changed the shape from the orignal Little People...

I love Little People, too. I'm so happy Miss Megan likes the house! I'll make sure to get our sets ready for her to play with for your visit around Christmas. Little People are also great for the travel bags. I keep a set (just the people/pets/accessories)in the backpack we take to restaurants or when we go visiting. I'll watch for some to put in Grandma and Papa's toy tub, too!

Love you!


Uncle Dan said...

A 15-minute attention span? Megan has a couple of my new fourth graders beat! Ha, ha!

Love the last picture! My niece is adorable!

Uncle Dan