Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday

In spite of all the gas issues - it's been a great birthday weekend. Megan has had lots of opportunity to learn to blow out candles. She'll be a pro by her 2nd birthday. Last night we had fun with my family and of course had to celebrate with cake and ice cream.
Megan really wanted seconds on the cake and ice cream.
Tonight we had a last minute gathering with some friends. Megan's little friend will was so sweet to share his applesauce with her.
Thankfully we don't think either of them is sick. :^) They were so sweet - Will shared his applesauce and Megan shared her animal crackers and who knows whatever else they handed each other when we weren't looking. There you go baby, train up that younger man!

After dinner we headed to our house for some cake. Megan really helped blow out the candles - I was shocked that she got one blown out.
On the blowing out thing... have I ever mentioned that she can whistle? No joke, we'll be in the car and I'll be humming and such and she'll start whistle - very basic and one little whistle, but I can't even whistle. Where did she learn that?

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Suzanna said...

Oh--I am so bad with birthdays--I didn't even tell you today, but Happy Birthday! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!