Monday, September 29, 2008

Did you hear it?????

Did you wake up this morning and hear that amazing Alleluia chorus?
Was it not the most beautiful sound of angels singing?
At our house it was like an entire Heavenly chorus....
Why you ask?????

Because Megan slept until almost 9am!!!!!!
Oh are you hearing it now.... what a sweet sound to my ears - makes me want to join on in!

My little napper has been getting between 3 1/2 to 5 hours of sleep in naps every day (2 naps).... BUT, she's also started waking up super early... like 5:30 on many days. So in an attempt to re-distribute that sleep and get the pumpkin to sleep longer at night, we are going to try to transition to 1 nap. Here's the problem..... how do you go to 1 nap when at 9 am your little cherib is trying to climb into her crib because she's so tired???? After all, in her mind she's been awake since 5 am.... even if I don't get her out of bed until 7am..... she's been awake. So by 9 - she's wiped out. It's a horrible double edged sword. To complicate the issue a bit... bedtime isn't really an issue here... if she goes to bed at 7pm - she's up by 6-7am. Ugh. If she goes to bed at 9pm - she's up by 6-7am. What's a mom to do???? This is her father in her! If it was her mother, she'd be happy with sleeping at every possible moment. I'm a firm believe that sleep is one of God's greatest gifts to us! :^)

At any rate, Sunday's are already hard on us because she's forced into 1 nap due to our Sunday morning church schedule. So Sunday I made the executive decision that it was going to be day 1 of our new schedule (or attempt at it). Then today, she slept in which made 1 nap super easy! So wonderful!!!!!!

2 days down.... only a lifetime to go!
Now I'm just praying (and praying hard) that she'll sleep in later tomorrow to keep the new schedule going. I know that this is going to be a major transition... but I'm praying for it to be as smooth as possible. So, say a prayer for us!

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Sandy P said...

Go Megan! How did she do this morning?