Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh what a find...

I came across a great find! A Little Tykes outdoor picnic table. I have wanted one of these for Megan since she started walking. And I finally found one - at Goodwill no less. Woohoo for my $6 find! And Megan is really liking it.
We put it to good use this weekend with a watercolor activity. One of Tom's old shirts is our "art smock" and she loves wearing it around the house. It's so big on her that she steps on it but for some reason she thinks it is so fun to wear it. I guess it's our intro into the world of dress-up.
We had fun painting.
It was a first for Megan but she's been trying to get to the paints ever since. So we'll definitely pull them out again soon. These were fun and much better/easier than the To-Doodles (see last post for my review of that).

Our masterpiece:
It's really a get-well picture for Grandma - but I keep leaving it here whenever I head to the hospital so for now it's hanging on our frig.

And Megan thinks one of the best parts of her new picnic table is to use it to play a game....


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Uncle Dan said...

Megan is a prodigy! If you look on the right hand side it looks like a blue and red hummingbird is seeking nectar from nearby flowers.

Uncle Dan will be looking for his own watercolor "masterpiece" in the mail in the near future.

P.S. The blog entry and video were excellent medicine for a long day spent fighting a headache.