Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's go outside!

I'm so glad it's cooling off now - Megan wants to be outside all the time. And I'm totally ok with that because when she's outside- she's happy. We always come up with fun new games to play outside. Last week our game was - collect acorns for the squirrels. It came about totally by accident. Megan would pick up an acorn (she can spot them from a mile away) and I'd have to remind her to not eat the acorn because it's for the squirrles. Then she'd try to chase the squirrls to give them the acorn she had found. This frustrated her... so I made a "squirrel feeder" (which is a pile of acorns in the grass) and now she goes to find acorns and put them in the squirrel feeder so they can come eat them when they are hungry. She's a smart cookie - scares me a little bit.

Our new game is "collect the sticks..." And put them on Daddy's stick pile!
This is a fun never-ending game and by the time the "yard waste" truck comes by each week we have a nice little stack going.

And on SUPER AWESOME days - we find a friend!
"Hey, Coop.... do you know how to get over this thing?"
On really really super awesome days we even get to go play next door... with 3 boys, they have what Megan considers a heavenly stash of toys.... this is her favorite...

Lord help me if she ever figures out how to make it go.

Nap update.... we made it through day 3 of one nap.... barely! She didn't take a long nap today and wouldn't go back to sleep and that made for a rough night. I feel like we hit a discipline wall and somehow I'm the one that is feeling battered and bruised. UGH! Prayerfully tomorrow will be a better day!

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