Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Twin Cities

After our time in Two Harbors, we headed to the twin cities for time with Tom's cousins - Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn.  They are always the best hosts and treat us so well.  The next few posts will be about out time with them and all the super fun things we got to do (not necessarily in the order we did them - thanks to some posting issues with blogger).

We had a great little family reunion (sadly with few pictures to show of it) - but Uncle Dan came up for the fun event and got a little extra lovin from his girls.

 We also headed to a local water park.  It's a really cool community area with a man-made sandy bottom pool/lake.  They have some water slides, sandy play areas, and a beach area.  The girls loved it.  Megan even made a new best friend... Jessica.  We LOVE Jessica!  Jess is Auntie Dawn's niece - she came with us and the girls just ate her up!

 Back at Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawns house - the girls loved all their toys and the great yard to play in....

 Our little family reunion with several of Tom's Aunts and Uncles and cousins was so much fun - the girls had lots of playmates and an audience.

We had a great time - more to come of our trip to the Mall of America and the MN Zoo.

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